Quality signed and sealed

Innovative developments and state-of-the-art production technology

Hänel – a company committed to top quality

No two Hänel lifts are the same. Simply because each task requires a unique approach.That's why, at Hänel, high quality of consultancy takes first place alongside product quality. On the basis of your requirements and our experience we develop a complete solution tailored to your needs.

Despite automation, the focus at Hänel is on people. They are the ones who coordinate the different production steps and monitor quality constantly. 

September 1, 1993, Hänel Germany was awarded the international certificate of quality according to ISO 9001 by the 'German Association for Certification of Quality Management Systems'. It was the first company in its field (vertical lift technology) to achieve this distinction.

And in 2023 once again the process-oriented quality management of Hänel was acknowledged by the technical control board TÜV Hessen with the current DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.

The current certificate can be downloaded here: